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Bespoke Projects

You have a specific project that you need a designer to support you on. I'll take your existing brand design and use it to create unique and impactful visuals for your marketing material or campaigns.
Cherubs Nurseries Landscape Brochure Design

Designer for a Day

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£224 GBP

I’ll be completely at your service for a whole day (remote only). This can be used for the creation of social media posts, page banners, slide decks, edits of old designs... you name it.

• We’ll have a call before day itself to plan the day out, set expectations, and get necessary files sent over and ready

• I’ll be available to contact at any point from 9am - 6pm during the day and will regularly check in with you on my progress

Bespoke Project

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By Quote

You have a specific project in mind that you’re looking for a designer to support you on. This may be (but isn’t limited to):

• Slide Deck Design / Template
• Report Design
• Pitch Deck Design
• Brochure Design
• Expo Banner Design
• Diagram Design
• Business Card Design

Cherubs Nurseries Landscape Brochure Design
Brochure Design for Cherubs Nurseries
Business Card Design Example
Business Card Design for Regent Carpets & Flooring
Clear Thinking Solutions Outdoor Recruitment Banner
Banner Design for Clear Thinking Solutions
The Resilience Project Pitch Deck
Pitch Deck Design for The Resilience Project
hmpsn studio slide deck template design
Slide Deck Template for hmpsn studio

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