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When is the right time to work with a brand designer?

When is the Best Time to Rebrand and Work With a Brand Identity Designer?

You're considering working with a Brand Designer, but you're not sure when the best time to take that step is. Well, this article will help you to gauge if now is a good time, or if it's too soon and you're not quite ready yet.

Brand design: is it important for non-profits?

Why is Brand Identity Design Important for Charities, NGOs, and Social Enterprises?

We often talk about the difference having a strong brand and visual identity can make in business. But what about the impact it can make in the purpose-driven world?

ESG Impact Report cover image

ESG Impact Report Canva Template

Transform your DIY impact reports into professional looking designs.
This ESG report template is completely customisable to your brand, swap out the colours, fonts, pictures, logos, and text to make it completely yours, or simply leave it as it is.

Building a brand to increase your impact free guide

Free Guide: Building a Brand Identity to Increase Your Impact

Learn how to leverage your brand to help you increase the impact you’re making and the results you’re producing.  

Building an Ethical Brand blog cover image

5 Steps to Building an Ethical Brand Identity That Performs

You’re on a journey to building an ethical or mission-led business/ not-for-profit. Learn how to best leverage your brand to set you apart from your competition and generate interest and support.

Choosing Your Brand Fonts blog cover image

Choosing Your Brand Fonts: The Strategy Your Business Needs

We’ve all been there, scrolling through the fonts in Canva (or other design software) trying to decide what looks best - but not really knowing what we should be looking for...

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