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Rebranding The Resilience Project to resolve the disconnect between their visual identity and their values/mission

The Resilience Project rebrand needed redress the current disconnect between their values / mission and their visual identity. The visual identity needed to be versatile enough to speak to 3 distinct groups, as well as being inclusive, communicate a sense of safety and belonging, and be disruptive & radical.

The Resilience Project Brand Guidelines
Brand Design
Pitch Deck Design
Social Media Templates

disruptive, inclusive, joyful


    The aims of the project were to:

    Redress the current disconnect between their values / mission and their visual identity 
    • Create a visual identity that can speak to their 3 distinct target audience groups
    • Work towards creating an audience that is of greater gender parity 
    • Create a visual identity that is unexpected, different, disruptive, and decolonial 


    The result is a visual identity which is bold, disruptive, inclusive and aligns with the internal understanding of the organisation. With this new visual identity we created a suite of social media templates (with different styles for their linkedin and instagram audiences) and a pitch deck design.

    Design Decisions

    The circle layout of the main logo represent the 'Resilience Circles' which are key to their organisation. The font used is bold, strong and disruptive . The icon mark represents eco-anxiety and a fusion between care for the mind and concern for the earth.

    The colour palette is inclusive, versatile, joyful and decolonial. It allows for combinations of colours that work best for both: topics more geared towards deep talk and mental health, and topics more geared towards action/ climate emergency. It is also versatile enough to use different colour combinations depending on the target audience group.

    The heading font is bold and sharp, and used in all caps. The accent font is a friendly marker style script font that adds a joyful and lighter feel to the brand. The sub heading font is sharp and full of personality. And finally, the body font is a modern, simple font that creates a friendly and accessible feel.

    The patterns are all made from curved lines which are playful and emphasise the joyful nature of the brand. The soft undulations also create a calming effect. The continuous nature of the lines reflects the nature of reslience & self-preservation: nourishing our capacity so we can keep going in the long run. 

    The paper texture reflects the idea of a digital detox. The cardboard texture connects to imagery of activism and protest; it represents making radical change, being courageous and being the change we want to see in the world 

    "She fully understood our brief and was able to elevate it with her own artistic flair"

    "Working with Tara has been an absolute delight. She is professional, punctual and exceptionally talented. She fully understood our brief and was able to elevate it with her own artistic flair. Tara is an excellent communicator and fully understood our needs - I highly recommend working with her"

    Katie Hodgetts

    Founder of The Resilience Project
    Pitch Deck Design
    The Resilience Project Pitch DeckThe Resilience Project Pitch DeckThe Resilience Project Pitch Deck
    Activism to Activation Diagram
    Katie speaking at the IDG Summit using their new branding
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