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Conscious Coffee

Brand Design
Packaging Design
Concept Project

Sleek, Modern, Earthy

About the Brand

Conscious Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand aiming to reduce wastage, sustainably source coffee, donate to climate charities, and use sustainable packaging material. They want to primarily target the 20-35s environmentally minded. However, they are also aiming to challenge the industry problems of 'eco' places being female dominated and attracting narrow audiences. As well as this, they want to communicate the ease of being sustainable.

Desired Outcomes

  • • Make 'eco' places appeal to a wider, less female dominated, audience
  • • Change the perception away from sustainable choices being high effort and not worthwhile

Design Decisions

The resulting brand design is modern, sleek, minimalist and earthy. The earthy colours were chosen to communicate the sustainability of the brand, whilst avoiding the brighter green colours which typically characterise the industry. This was done in order to weaken the connotations with typical sustainability and appeal to a wider audience.

The minimalistic aspect communicates the ease of being sustainable, and the sleek and modern look was designed to attract the brand's ideal target market of the 20-35 age bracket. The 'us' in the logo communicates the togetherness which the brand strives for in being ethical and sustainable.

Conscious Coffee Brand Board
Conscious coffee A-Board pavement signConscious Coffee Cup Design Mockup ImageConscious Coffee Wall Sign Mockup Image
Mockup of a bag of coffee beans with the conscious coffee brand design on it Conscious Coffee Logo Icon on cafe backdrop imageTakeaway coffee cup and coffee machine mockup with Conscious Coffee brand design
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