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How I Modernised the War Widows Association Brand to Appeal to a Wider Audience

The original War Widows Association brand was outdated, it needed to be modernised and appeal to a much wider audience. I created a new visual identity that aligned with the key values of the brand, making it more inclusive, modern, accessible, and trustworthy.

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Inviting, Inclusive, Supportive


The War Widows Association needed a more modern and inclusive brand that better resonated with their broad target audience. Their visual identity needed to reflect their values of accessibility, care, campaigning and remembrance. As well as this, they wanted to keep their signature red colour and the chrysanthemum icon from the original brand identity - this would help to retain brand recognition and a sense of continuation between the two versions.

    Design Decisions


    • The logotype is modern, warm and inviting. It seeks to communicate their core values of care, support, connection and community.

    • The ‘d’ flowing into the ‘s’ symbolises their values, as the letters themselves are connected, and the flowing line gives off a feeling of support and care. 

    • ‘Association’ has been put in smaller, thinner, capital letters, which provides contrast, and lets the ‘war widows’ above stand out. This part of the logo seeks to communicate the gravity of the issues at hand by remaining more serious. 


    • The colour palette is composed of warm colours which complement and provide contrast with the original WWA red.

    • The deep purple adds depth to the brand identity, and communicates trust and reliability.

    • The text is a dark brown, which gives off a softer and more welcoming feel compared to using a harsh black.

    • The light cream and yellow tones complete the palette, allowing plenty of contrast when paired with the red and purple. Together these colours make up a palette that is versatile, works well together, and aligns with WWA’s values and mission. 


    • The icons have been designed to communicate their three main streams of ‘care’, ‘campaign’, and ‘remember’.

    • They are coloured with their brand colours to tie their website together, and they give off a warm, inviting and inclusive feel. 


    We used the new brand identity to create a range of assets and templates such as: a sponsorship pack template, Canva social media templates, comp slips, letterheads, and an email signature. The result is a cohesive brand that can be consistent across all platforms, used easily, and communicates their mission, values, and messages to their audience. As a result of this re-brand, the War Widows Association visual identity has become more inclusive, more inviting, and more accessible.
    War Widows Association Brand Identity BoardWar Widows Association Instagram Mockup
    "Since the launch of our new brand & website we have seen an 8x increase in new members, and a 21x increase in full members!"

    Tara was excellent. She took on board everything that was said and she nailed the new logo in her first draft. She was extremely quick and very amenable to tweaks and changes we needed to put in place. I was very impressed with the branding guidelines document - it's so much easier to have something of that quality to send out to third parties. Since the launch of our new brand & website we have seen an 8x increase in members, and a 21x increase in full members! These numbers speak for themselves...

    Helen Raw

    War Widows Association
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