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How I Designed a Brand for Lydia Leighton That Balanced The Creative & Professional

Lydia Leighton's brand needed to help people feel safe, nourished, and empowered to adopt a fresh relationship with food. The visual identity I created helps to hold up her core brand values: integrity, practical & holistic advice, a non-judgemental approach, and positivity.

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Creative, Positive, Respectful


Lydia came to me looking for a brand and visual identity design for her nutrition business. She was struggling to envision how she could create a brand that was creative, unique, and positive, whilst remaining professional and accessible.

    Design Decisions


    The logo was designed to communicate the brand’s main values. Overall it is friendly, creative, professional and positive.

    • The flowing tails of the ‘y’ and ‘g’ help to emphasise the friendly and respectful nature of the brand, as well as adding personality and a positive feel.

    • The letters of ‘Lydia Leighton’ have soft corners, which help to give off a safe, accessible, and non-judgmental feel.

    • ‘Nutrition & Wellbeing’ is written beneath in a simpler font, providing contrast with ‘Lydia Leighton’ above, ensuring the logo is kept professional and practical.

    • The ‘eat better today’ logo uses the same font as the main logos to retain consistency. This friendly font, and the fact it is written in lowercase, helps to communicate the message in a soft and gentle way, which reinforces her principle of ‘gentle nutrition.’ The circle in the logo represents the holistic nature of her work. 


    Overall, the colour palette is welcoming, trustworthy, and takes inspiration from nature.

    • The primary colour of green communicates life, health, growth, safety and energy.

    • The secondary colour of purple communicates creativity and the desire to do things differently. This ties in nicely with Lydia's messages of moving away from traditional harmful perceptions of food and restriction.

    • The tertiary colour of yellow communicates happiness and positivity.

    • The text is written in brown, providing a softer and more accessible feel than a harsh black.


    • The heading font is a sans serif font that is friendly, accessible, welcoming, but also practical, simple and professional. 

    •The sub heading font is a friendly serif font, which adds a creative flare, whilst remaining professional. 

    • The body copy font is a simple and accessible sans serif font to ensure all her educational content is easily readable and accessible. 


    The icons have been designed to communicate the three main streams of her business.

    • They are made up of connected lines, reflecting the holistic nature of how Lydia works.

    • They are partially filled with irregular splodges of colour and fruit illustrations. This gives off a creative, inviting and positive feel, whilst simultaneously communicating nutrition and wellbeing. 


    We used the new brand identity to create a range of brand assets such as: Canva social media templates, a slide deck template, a Linkedin banner, and a business card. The result is a cohesive brand that can be consistent across all platforms, used easily, and that communicates Lydia's mission, values, and messages to her audience. As a result of this brand design, the Lydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing brand has been brought to life and communicates the creative, positive and professional feel we were aiming for.
    Lydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing Brand Identity BoardLydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing Business Card Design
    "I am thrilled with the outcome and feel my new logo and brand colours truly reflect me and my business"

    "It’s been a pleasure to work with Tara. She’s made the process of bringing my brand identity to life so easy. I was sometimes a little muddled with my own ideas but her in-depth onboarding questionnaire and discussion helped guide my thoughts. I felt Tara really grasped what my business was about from the start. After the first draft there was something not quite right with some of the design options, but she patiently listened and explored a few alternatives with me. All it needed was a few tweaks to really make it feel like me. Her platform to share the graphics was simple and easy to use and there was always the option to chat if I couldn’t express it in writing. I am thrilled with the outcome and feel my new logo and brand colours truly reflect me and my business. Thank you so much for providing a truly comprehensive package and I can’t wait to start using everything you’ve created."

    Lydia Leighton

    Founder and CEO of Lydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing
    Lydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing Eat Better Today logo designLydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing Linkedin Banner DesignLydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing Eat Better Today logo design
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