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Joyful, Vibrant, Playful

About the Brand

Corkademy is a UK based supplier of nature-inspired children's nursery furnishings and toys. They make their products out of sustainable materials, mainly cork. They are a vibrant, inclusive, and playful brand that values creativity, education, and movement.

Desired Outcomes

• A brand identity that is unique, standing apart from market competitors, and reflects the vibrancy and joyfulness of the brand

    • A solid brand design that will enable the consistency and coherence of future products and communicate Corkademy's values

    • A brand identity that focuses on the child and sends a message of inclusiveness and creativity

    Design Decisions

    The primary logo for Corkademy was designed to be full of movement, playful and interactive. This is encapsulated in the bold round type, the interlinking 'r' and 'k', the swopping tail of the 'k' which is lifting up the 'a', the connected 'm' and 'y', and the curved ear of the 'y'.

    The rounded square shape represents a child's building block, it moves location through each logo variation creating a fun and interactive feel.

    The colours are inclusive and vibrant; the orange representing cork, happiness and creativity, the salmon symbolises individuality and expression, and the blue communicates education, learning, and health.

    Corkademy Brand Board
    Corkademy Stacked LogoCorkademy Box Packaing MockupCorkademy Sub-Mark Logo Sticker Mockup
    Corkademy Social Media Page MockupCorkademy main logoCorkademy Photography with Social Media Icon Logo
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