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Brand Design

Fully bespoke brand design. I'll take your individual mission and values and transform them into a visual identity that embodies everything you stand for.
Brand Guidelines Manual: Corkademy Logo and Photography Usage


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Envision a brand that expertly communicates who you are, and the impact you aim to make. One that sets you apart from the rest with your authenticity and integrity. One that enables you to communicate your message with clarity and coherence, and compels people to listen to what you have to say.

Together, we'll create a brand that enables you to make a bigger impact.

You'll be involved in the process every step of the way - so you can be sure that your final brand design is one that truly embodies the core of your business and is 100% aligned with your values.

Expect 5-6 weeks for completion
Prices start at 1500 GBP
Brand Guidelines Manual: Corkademy Front Cover
Brand Guideline Manual: Corkademy Values and Tone of Voice

The Brand Design Process

1. The Enquiry & Discovery Call
We'll discuss your business and what you'd like to get out of working together, as well as deciding on a package that suits your individual needs.
2. The Proposal
After our chat I'll put together a design proposal for you to review, with a project overview, objectives, timeline, and final cost.
3. The Onboarding
50% of Project Cost Payment is Due
You are introduced to the Client Portal, where you'll fill out a detailed questionnaire and create a mood board, so I can better understand your business and design aspirations. We will then have a brand strategy call.
4. The Creative Direction Presentation
After competitor research and brand strategy, I'll put together a creative direction presentation with two design routes, and you'll feedback and chose which one to run with.
5. The Designing!
I get to work on designing your brand identity and the magic begins ✨.
6. The Brand Presentation
I'll put together a brand presentation for your feedback, highlighting and explaining your brand assets and design decisions, complete with real life mock-ups so you can see how your brand looks in action.
7. The Brand Collateral Design
I design the additional assets included in your package according to your new brand identity, such as social media templates or product packaging.
8. The Offboarding
Final 50% of Project Cost Payment is Due
Once you've signed everything off, the project is now complete and I'll pass over your files, your brand guidelines document, and a file use document.

Are you ready to build a brand that is designed with intention?

Bloomsta Brand Guidelines Document

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