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Brand Design

Fully bespoke brand design. We'll take your individual mission and values and transform them into a visual identity that embodies everything you stand for.
Brand Guidelines Manual: Corkademy Logo and Photography Usage

Branding Includes:

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Logo Suite
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Colour Palette
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Brand Marks
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Brand Pattern
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Typography: Fonts & Pairings
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Social Media Templates
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Marketing Material
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Brand Guidelines Document

Together, we'll create a brand that enables you to make a bigger impact.

You'll be involved in the process every step of the way - so you can be sure that your final brand design is one that truly embodies the core of your business and is 100% aligned with your values.

Expect 4-6 weeks for completion (shorter time frames available for an extra charge)
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Vinify Social Media Templates Branding Guide
Brand Guideline Manual: Corkademy Values and Tone of Voice

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