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Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is the process of designing a comprehensive visual identity for your organisation. This includes everything from your logos and colour palette, to the specific visual style of your posts on social media or your printed materials.
The Resilience Project Brand Guidelines

You've got an amazing mission and are doing great work, but you're not making as much impact as you'd like to be. This may be because you're:

• Struggling to connect with and engage your different target audiences  
• Not attracting enough funding or able to make higher value sales  
• Not standing out from your competitors and are struggling to position your organisation as a leader in its field  
All of this could be because your visuals are out of alignment with your mission. This is because they haven't been designed based on strategy and research. They're messy and inconsistently implemented, and this is making your organisation come across as untrustworthy and confusing. This is leaving money on the table and causing you to miss out on new opportunities and partnerships.

"Since the launch of our new brand design & website we have seen an 8x increase in new members, and a 21x increase in full members! These numbers speak for themselves...." - Helen Raw, War Widows Association

However, a brand identity redesign will enable you to:

• Better connect with your ideal audience  
• Differentiate yourself from your competitors  
• Foster a greater sense of community within your audience  
• Become more consistent and coherent across platforms - appearing more trustworthy & memorable  
• Communicate your unique brand values and messages better through your visuals  
• Align your visual appearance with the quality of your expertise, value, and professionalism

Read more about how here.

Metari Design's brand design clients have been able to attract more aligned clients, gain more members, sell more products, receive more funding, and attract more talent to their organisation as a result of their brand redesign.

I love to be able to do the same for you.

Working with Tara has been an absolute delight. She is professional, punctual and exceptionally talented. She fully understood our brief and was able to elevate it with her own artistic flair. Tara is an excellent communicator and fully understood our needs - I highly recommend working with her.

Katie Hodgetts

Katie Hodgetts

The Resilience Project
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It’s been a pleasure to work with Tara. She’s made the process of bringing my brand identity to life so easy. I was sometimes a little muddled with my own ideas but her in-depth onboarding questionnaire and discussion helped guide my thoughts. I felt Tara really grasped what my business was about from the start. I am thrilled with the outcome and feel my new logo and brand colours truly reflect me and my business. She provided a truly comprehensive package and I can’t wait to start using everything she created.

Lydia Leighton

Lydia Leighton

Lydia Leighton Nutrition & Wellbeing
Speech mark

Tara was excellent. She took on board everything that was said and she nailed the new logo in her first draft. She was extremely quick and very amenable to tweaks and changes we needed to put in place. I was very impressed with the branding guidelines document - it's so much easier to have something of that quality to send out to third parties. Since the launch of our new brand & website we have seen an 8x increase in new members, and a 21x increase in full members! These numbers speak for themselves...

Photo of Helen

Helen Raw

War Widows Association
Speech mark

Tara gave Corkademy a face and visual direction that I am very proud of. I am very happy with the outcome but also with the journey. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tara, she is patient, professional, disciplined in her work and in total control of the process. She understood the brand very well and gave it a strong visual direction. She was flexible and not afraid to implement changes.

Aleksandra Kaminska


Corkademy Limited

Tara was efficient and understood what we wanted. She was really friendly and easy to talk to and although we didn’t go with her first set of logos, she listened to our feedback and came up with exactly what we wanted. Our new branding and website portrays us as fresh, modern and professional.  We feel you really hit the mark with representing us as a London company with ambition to grow!


Louise Tippey

SW19 Lawyers
Speech mark

It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Tara and I am very happy with her final design for Bloomsta. Tara was professional, thoughtful, motivated, and kind! She walked me through her design process and thanks to her my start up really came to life with a fun, unique, and eco-friendly personality. For any start ups looking to improve their brand, I highly recommend Tara as she helped us to understand our brand and brought it to life with a whole new personality.

David Amor Testimonial Photo

David Amor

Bloomsta Founder
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Introducing, The Purpose-Driven Brand Transformation

This package is for NGOs, charities, and people/ environment-first businesses who want to scale up their impact and reach wider audiences.

Across an 8 week period we'll craft a new brand identity for your organisation that will enable you to better communicate your values, mission and uniqueness to your audience. This means you'll be communicating with more clarity and will be able to foster a greater sense of community and engagement with them. You'll be able to stand out from the crowd and become liked and remembered, garnering more support for your organisation. All this will result in more sales/funding, more members/clients, and enable you to increase your positive impact in the world.

In order to work with me on a new brand design you'll need to have a strong understanding of your brand foundations. These are the core values, messages and overall mission that your brand is built upon. You'll also want to know exactly who your target audience is, who your competitors are, and what sets you apart from them to make you unique. Here's the process we will go through to design your brand identity:

The 5 Phase Process:

This is where I get a clear understanding of your organisation. This includes a detailed branding questionnaire for you to complete, followed by our initial strategy meeting where we’ll talk about your brand foundations and exactly what we want to communicate through your visual identity. We’ll also set the desired outcomes of the project here.

This stage includes desktop research into your target audience and competitors, which alongside the brand discovery phase, enables me to devise a clear strategy of how we will meet the key outcomes of the project through the resulting brand design.

Based on the developed strategy, I’ll put together 2 different mood boards for the visual identity of the brand. They will each take a slightly different creative route and explore different ways of visually communicating the brand. You’ll decide which route you want to follow. 

This is where I start designing your visual identity. It will be an iterative process. Initially I’ll design two different logo options for the brand, then depending on which you chose I’ll craft the rest of the visual identity to go with it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to provide feedback during this process. 

With your new visual identity I’ll design your brand templates. This will include a slide deck template and a suite of social media templates. I’ll set these up in Canva so your team can easily edit and repurose them. 

What's included in this package:
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Initial Brand Consultation
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Design Strategy, Competitor Research & Creative Direction
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Logo Suite Design
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Curated Colour Palette
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Typography: Font Pairings
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Up to 5 Custom Icon Designs
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Brand Pattern or Custom Web Graphics
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Custom Brand Marks
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Full Suite of Social Media Templates
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2 Extra Brand Collateral Designs
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Brand Guidelines

£2750 GBP

(Price will be adapted based on the specifics of the package we decide on)

Brand Guidelines Manual: Corkademy Logo and Photography Usage
Brand Guidelines from the Corkademy Brand Identity Design project

Brand Design FAQs

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Without a strong visual identity you risk coming across as chaotic, untrustworthy and confusing.  When your visual identity looks professional, is consistent, and is aligned with your organisation's purpose, values, and mission, people are more likely to trust what you're saying and see you as credible.

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Your visual identity is more than just a logo, which is why I usually don't offer logo-only design packages. However, feel free to get in touch about your unique situation and we can discuss how I could support you on a logo re-design.

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Usually I take 50% of the project price upfront, and 50% at the end of the project.

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The brand design process contains a lot of information gathering and strategy. This is so I can create designs that perform well for your brand. Through the creative direction process I'll produce two distinct mood boards for you to choose between to inspire the visual identity design. There are also 2 rounds of revisions to the visual identity included in each package so you can voice your feedback and request amendments. All this means that you can be sure your final visual identity will be just right.

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No, I don't offer website design through Metari Design. However I can put you in touch with my trusted web design partner who will use the visual identity and brand guidelines we create to produce an on-brand and optimised website for you.

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We will have online meetings throughout the project. The rest will be communicated via video and pdf presentations. We will use Notion to host the project, where you can keep track of the project timeline, presentation uploads, and provide feedback on the designs. I am always available to contact via email.

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Normally I provide logo files in png, svg, pdf, and an ai source file. Your social media post and slide deck templates will be provided as Canva files, or PowerPoint/Slides on request. You can always request different file types and I will be more than happy to provide these too.

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Brand design will require about 8 hours of your time across an 8 week period.

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