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The Urban Garden

Brand Design
Campaign Design
Concept Project

Street, Youth, Bold

About the Brand

The Urban Garden is a concept for an urban agricultural project in Nottingham, UK. The aim is to encourage more urban youth and those from deprived areas into growing their own food; in order to increase access to fresh, sustainable, affordable produce and reduce urban food poverty. Increasingly we are seeing the formation of 'urban food deserts' where it is becoming difficult for low income groups to access healthy and affordable food. This needs to change, and it through this grassroots community garden project that The Urban Garden aims to slowly transform the urban food scene through targeting the younger generation.

Desired Outcomes

  • • Make gardening appeal to urban youth
  • •Increase participation of urban youth in growing their own food
  • • Create intrigue from campaign adverts, so people want to find out more
  • • Create a bold brand and campaign design that takes the dullness out of traditional urban agricultural projects
  • • Create a brand that morphs the urban and agricultural realms to create a cultural-shift in the narrative of urban spaces

Design Decisions

The resulting brand design is bold; combining the angular and blocky shapes of the urban environment with street art-style plant illustrations to connote a morphing between the urban and agricultural realms, as well as targeting the urban youth. The colours were chosen to further represent a morphing of the 'urban' (with the yellow and brick red) and the 'garden' (with the dark green). The boldness of the yellow functions to bring attention to the campaign which will sit amongst a busy urban landscape, as well as create parallels with the traditional boldness of street-art style. The graffiti style 'plant' and 'grow' lettering on some of the campaign elements aim to gain the attention of the urban youth and increase intrigue as to what the project is about.

The Urban Garden Brand Board
The Urban Garden vertical Word Mark Logo  against wall backdropThe Urban Garden Wall Sign Design Mockup ImageThe Urban Garden Campaign Leaflet DesignThe Urban Garden campaign design, bus shelter advertising mockup image
The Urban Garden Word Mark Logo  against wall backdropThe urban garden icon logo painted on wallThe Urban Garden campaign design, 'grow' graffiti on wallThe Urban Garden Campaign Design, vertical advertising column mockup imageThe Urban Garden T-shirt Design
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