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Terra Hale

Brand Design
Concept Project

Natural, Strength, Harmony

About the Brand

Terra Hale is a minimalistic & sustainability focussed fitness destination/ gym based in Central London. They have created a workout space using sustainable and natural materials and have made an environment for training that feels in harmony with the natural outdoors, despite being situated in the heart of London.

Desired Outcomes

  • • Create branding that speaks to both men and women working in the city who want to escape the concrete jungle to workout in nature
  • • Create branding that communicates Terra Hale's nature inspired fitness space, whilst retaining a minimalistic feel.

Design Decisions

The resulting brand design is bold, makes use of both round and sharp-edged shapes, whilst having a minimalistic and natural colour palette.

The harsh lines within the logo typography represent the carving and forming of the natural materials used within the gym space and communicates strength and determination. Whereas the circular shapes within the logo typography communicate the harmony with nature and community that Terra Hale wants to create.  

Terra Hale Brand Board
Terra Hale Stamp Logo
Terra Hale logo over an image of a dumbbell on a wooden floorTerra Hale stacked logo
Terra Hale logo over a picture of a kettlebell Terra Hale stamp logo over an image of a women doing a press-up
Terra Hale wordmark logo
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