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Brand Design

Fun, Goofy, Positive

About the Brand

Bloomsta are a start-up creating an app for finding sustainable events and connecting people. They aim to inject positivity into the sustainability movement, given that they believe people are being overwhelmed with climate noise and feeling like they can’t create enough impact. They are aiming to target university students and bring a fun and goofy nature to sustainability (which is so often presented in a pessimistic and serious light).

Bloomsta's brand narrative centers around their whale mascot, given that whale faeces feeds phytoplankton that capture CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby slowing down climate change.

Desired Outcomes

  • • Communicate the notion of 'sustainability' in a positive and friendly way that diverges from traditional sustainability representations
  • • Reduce the pessimism in the climate and sustainability movements
  • • Engage university students to use the app
  • • Create a fun and goofy brand which diffuses positive energy
  • • Reduce the narratives of personal responsibility within the climate movement

Design Decisions

The resulting brand design is energetic, lively and communicates fun and positivity. The word mark's connected, flowing letters represent the connection and togetherness that Bloomsta want to generate through the app. A bright, colourful, playful, and fun colour palette  has been curated to appeal to university students, as well as tie in with the sustainable, aquatic brand narrative, while staying away from colours which traditionally dominate the sustainability movement (e.g. bright green). Bloomsta's brand fonts were  chosen to be legible and accessible, yet friendly and full of personality to tie in with the brand identity.

Bloomsta Brand BoardBloomsta Brand Design Assets. Whale Illustration, seaweed stickers and stamp logo
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