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Your branding and design isn’t working optimally for you, but you’re unsure of the next step. You don’t know what needs to be done, and it all feels a bit overwhelming.

This solution is built specifically for you if you know your branding needs work, but you’re unsure of what would actually be best to do. You want guided advice on what you can do yourself now to advance your branding and design, but you’re also interested in exploring how you could work with a professional, and what specific service would bring you the most value.


1. Apply through the form below today
2. I'll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out, which I'll use to complete the audit
3. You'll send through any important brand files and links to your social media
4. I’ll conduct a thorough audit of all areas of your brand foundations & positioning, visual identity, and designed materials
5. You'll receive your brand audit report within 1 week

Your resulting in depth audit report will highlight areas for improvement, and include actionable steps to improve your branding and design.

It will include:
• Overall ratings and detailed descriptions on how your brand is performing on the 3 key areas; brand foundations, brand identity, and brand identity implementation
• Quick action points you can take now to improve your brand performance
• Suggested next steps
• Video walkthrough of the report

There is no obligation to work with me at the end of the process.

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